What Apple may Show Us at the Upcoming Event


On the invitation of the event due on October 22, Apple said “We still have a lot to cover.” There’re not quite hints about what Apple’s going to bring us, but the public are assuming of course. And most people assume Apple will bring us the new ipad 5 and maybe the new ipad mini 2.

It has been nearly a year since Apple released the previous ipad generation. It will be a great time to bring out the 5th generation of ipad product now. According to the rumors, the ipad 5 will have regular 9.7-inch size but it will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Plus the new ipad 5 will look more like the ipad mini in the design, with slimmer sides and tighter curves on the back. There’s no doubt that the ipad 5 will come with the latest iOS7 preinstalled. And it may also get the newest TouchID function of iphone 5s. If you still remember, the price of ipad usually starts at $499. And we believe Apple will continue with the tradition, given the fierce competition in the tablet PC market.

As for the smaller version of Apple tablet PC, the new ipad mini 2 will get Retina display. But don’t expect to see big differences in design between the “iPad mini 2″ and its predecessors. The new ipad mini 2 will have the same form factor, only probably more color options just like the iphone 5c. And rumors don’t think iPad mini 2 will get touchID functions, because Apple need to keep its prices down and differentiate it from the full-size iPad 5. Nevertheless, it will come with the latest ios7, that’s almost for sure.


Which One Should You Get, iPhone 5S or 5C?


So, it’s been a while since Apple brought out the new iphone 5c and iphone 5s. Maybe some people still feel confused about which one to choose. Should you get the plastic iphone 5c or the more expensive but better iphone 5s? Let’s see.

First let’s have a look at iphone 5c, the brother of the iphone 5. Lots of people don’t really know the difference between the 5c and 5. Well, basically, iphone 5c is a plastic version of the 5, with more color options and better battery. It has the same specs with the 5: 4-inch screen, A6 chip, 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP face camera. Nevertheless, the 5C is slightly slightly larger and heavier than the 5. The 5C is 124.4×59.2×8.97mm and the 5 is 123.8×58.6×7.6mm. So 5C and 5 can’t share cases.

If you just want a great phone for daily usage like facebook, twitter, emails and games stuff, you should go for an iphone 5c. It satisfies all your needs and it’s cheap. Besides, the plastic back cover sounds like cheap, but actually it’s really hard to get scratches on. Iphone 5, especially the black one, is really easy to get scratches, if you do remember. And the battery is better than the 5, plus with the color choices. So Apple did its homework and made some good changes.

If you care about the specs and the process speed of your phone, or if you don’t care about the pricetags, then iphone 5s is perfect for you. 5s is the real new generation of the iphone line, with significantly improved features and specs. The A7 chip with 64-bit architecture in the iphone 5s is said to perform 40 times faster than the original iPhone. And the 5s has a new new M7 coprocessor, which is like a sidekick to the A7 chip, designed specifically to measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Besides, the camera gets a major update with 1.5µ pixels and Five-element lens. Plus, there comes Touch ID, the function allows you to unlock your iphone with your own fingerprints. This may be the best smartphone on the market, so if you want the best, pick iphone 5s. Oh, one more thing, the 5s can share cases with the 5.

Review on iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

So, the long rumored iphone 5s and iPhone 5c were announced finally. If you ever pay attention to the Apple rumors before, you may already found out that the iphone 5s and 5c are almost exactly the same as the rumors said. So there’re no surprises here. Here’s a review on the two brand new smartphone.

iphone 5c

Review on iPhone 5C

Before the iphone 5c came out, we and most people thought it was a budget iphone with cheaper prices, which aimed at lower-end smartphone market. We’re wrong. It turns out the C doesn’t stands for ‘cheap’ but for ‘colorful’. The iphone 5s is made of plastic and has a 4-inch Retina display. It has the same specs with iphone 5, such as A6 chip, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP face camera, etc.

The iPhone 5C can be seen as a plastic version of iphone 5, with more color options of rear covers. Apple charges $99 for a 16GB model iphone 5c, $199 for a 32 GB model, with contracts. A colorful variety of cases will cost $29. It will go on sale on Sept. 20, with pre-orders starting on Sept. 13. But what’s the point of buying a new iphone 5s just for colorful back covers? Iphone 5 users can do that with colorful iphone 5 cases. Why should they spend $99 to make their phone colorful while they can make it with some cheap iphone 5 cases for several bucks from online stores like TVC Mall?! Besides, the prices are not so favorable. The iPhone 5c is a total disappointment.

iphone 5s

Review on iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s, as the new flagship smartphone of Apple, also has the same form factor with iphone 5. It is equipped with a 4-inch Retina touchscreen, A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, M7 motion coprocessor, 8 megapixels with 1.5µ pixels iSight camera, fingerprint sensor in home button and comes in silver, gold and a color called space gray.

The camera on iPhone 5s also gets a major upgrade. The camera has 1.5µ pixels and Five-element lens. And the CPU has been upgraded to A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, which is said to perform 40 times faster than the original iPhone. The upgraded spec that attracts me most is the TouchID function. Apple built a fingerprint identity sensor into the home button. The sensor scans sub-epidermal skin layers and will have 360-degree readability. It is about 170 microns thin, with 500 ppi resolution. The fingerprint sensor can be used to unlock the iPhone or make purchases. Now iphone 5s may be the smartphone with best specs currently, this phone should satisfy the long-waiting Apple fans.

Review on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear

galaxy note 3 galaxy gear

Just as we thought, Samsung unveiled the long-rumored Galaxy Note 3 and smart watch Galaxy Gear at the IFA technology tradeshow on Wednesday in Berlin. Samsung said the galaxy note 3 and the gear are to “design your life.” So let’s see how’re the two galaxy gadgets.


The galaxy note 3 features the latest Android 4.3 Jelly beans, a 5.7 inch full HD Super AMOLED screen with 1920 x 1080 resolutions. It is also equipped with LTE 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor,, 3GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera, 32/64GB of storage, 3200mAh battery and a leather-like back cover. Besides, Samsung also optimized the S pen functions with Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder, Pen Window, Multi Window, Direct Pen Input, etc. I’d say the new galaxy note 3 is an awesome new smartphone, but not quite a surprise because there’s no breathtaking new feature on the new phone. It’s just like a bigger better version of galaxy note 2.


On the other hand, Galaxy Gear, the smart watch is definitely a new product both to Samsung and the tech world. As a new wearable gadget, galaxy gear is equipped with 1.63” Super AMOLED display with 320×320 resolution. The 1.9 Megapixel BSI Sensor camera is built in the belt so users can shoot pictures or videos with the watch on their wrist. The galaxy gear can shoot low-rest shots and 10-second 720p videos. However, Galaxy Gear will only work with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. It also works with galaxy s4 after it gets android 4.3 update. Actually I don’t think the galaxy gear will become a mainstream popular product in the near future, because most of the functions can be delivered by a smartphone. Besides, the display resolution is too low. What’s point to check your email on such a small screen when you can check it on your smartphone easily? Moreover, the galaxy gear will need to recharge once a day, which sounds so unsatisfactory given the truth that it only has such a small display.

galaxy gear

Accessories for iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Arrived on TVC Mall Already

The announcement of iPhone 5S and 5C is officially on September 10th! According to multiple news outlets, Apple sent out the invitations for a Sept. 10 event, widely believed to be the unveiling of company’s next iPhone5s or 5c. The invation reads “This should brighten everyone’s day.” When everyone’s waiting for the official launch, TVC-Mall, the well-known cell phone accessories wholesaler, has got some accessories for both iphone 5s and iphone 5c on its website already!

5S 5C invitation

iPhone 5S is supposed to be the next generation of iphone serial, while the iPhone 5C is supposed to be the long-rumored budget iphone. Although Apple didn’t confirm any information about the two phones, there’s no doubt at least one of them will be announced on the 10th. TVC Mall has got some accessories and parts respectively for the 5S and 5C.


As usual, TVC Mall has created independent sub-categories for iphone 5c and 5s under the main category of ‘iPhone Accessories’. There’re only two cases for iphone 5s on the website currently. The iphone 5s replacement parts have been a few already, including SIM card tray holder, LCD connector flex cable, power & volume button flex cable and touchscreen frame etc. The iphone 5C replacement parts on TVC-Mall are power buttons in different colors, since the iphone 5s is said to have more color options other than black and white. The products of iphone 5c cases are enough for bulk purchase. Therefore, business buyers who want to grab latest product before others can get some iphone 5c cases now.

iphone 5c case

Review on iPega Multiple Charger Station Speaker Dock from TVC Mall

iPega multiple dock charger speaker from TVC Mall (Item NO.: IPAD3-747B) is a multi-functional accessory that suitable for different smartphones including Apple iphone, ipad, ipod and Samsung galaxy, etc. Let’s see what features make this multiple dock charger speaker a must buy for users who own more than one Apple products.

iphone speaker dock

Smartphone Speaker Dock

As a speaker dock, iPega charge speaker dock comes with a 3.5mm LINE IN port, which can be used for iphone, galaxy s3/s2, galaxy note 2, MP3 and MP4, etc. It is designed with four functional electronic switch including audio switch, audio input selection, volume + and volume – to control the speaker function. The audio digital amplifier adopts 2.0-channel high-power output. It is an ideal gadget for smartphones to watch videos or listening to music.

Multiple Charger Dock

Charger dock is another primary function of the ipega gadget. It comes with a micro usb plug for Samsung galaxy s2/S3 and galaxy note 2, a lightning plug for iphone 5 and a 30-pin plug for iphone 4/4s etc. The charger station allows 2 devices charging at one time. So if you happen own an iphone and an ipad, you can charge them at the same time on the iPega Charger dock. The best part is you can still use them for videos or something when they standing there charging. Even if you don’t need to charge the device, you can still use the dock as a iphone/ ipad stand.

How to Bond iPhone Touchscreen to LCD to Repair iPhone Digitizer Panel

The touch screen panel may be the most fragile part of the smartphone. It’s easy than you thought to get cracked. If your iphone screen get cracked somehow, you don’t need to replace the whole digitizer panel. Just replace the touch screen on the outside, and your iphone will be good as before.

Normally when someone break his iphone screen, he just break the touchscreen glass on the top, the inside lcd part is good. So here’s a tutorial on how to bond iphone touch screen glass to LCD to repair the iphone on his own.

To bond the iphone touch glass to the LCD part, we will need the help of a professional iphone lcd smartphone bonding tool kit including some UV LOCA adhesive, a UV germicidal lamp and a mould specially designed for iphone. Let’s take iphone 4s as an example and see how it’s done.

  1. Put the LCD part on the iPhone 4S mould.
  2. Apply some UV LOCA adhesive glue on the lcd part like this.
    iphone 4s lcd
  3. Apply the touch screen on the part carefully. Press down the touch screen to make the 2 parts bonding together. Please do it gently, you don’t want to crack the touchscreen.
  4. There may be some air bubbles formed inbetween the two parts, just ignore them. If some surplus adhesive gets out of the parts, ignore it too. It’s easy to clear them.
  5. Use your fingers to push the air bubbles out carefully. And then roughly wipe the surplus adhesive off the parts. It should be easy.
  6. And then irradiate it with UV germicidal lamp for 5 mins.
  7. 5 mins later, turn off the lamp, and wipe surplus glue off the surface thoroughly. And it’s done.

It’s easy, right? If you still feel unsure about some steps, you can see a tutorial video here:

TVC Mall Prepared Promotion Campaign for the Great Contest

tvc mall promotion

In case you didn’t know yet, TVC Mall has joined the Great Contest held by Alibaba. Aiming to win in the intense contest, TVC Mall has been preparing a big promotion campaign offering points, huge discounts and delicate gifts for customers.

The Great Contest is a competition among consumer electronics companies in Shenzhen from Alibaba. There’re 22 companies altogether joining the contest. And they formed into 2 teams- the blue team and the red team. The team with the highest sales amount wins. TVC Mall is in the blue team. The contest started on August 1st and will end on September 15th.

After joining the Great Contest, TVC Mall has re-decorate their offices and made some videos about it to boost the morale. And they decided to launch a big promotion campaign on the website to attract customers and stimulate the sales. The promotion will be launched on August 26thand end on September 15th. The details about the promotion can be seen on TVC-Mall’s website already. You can see what you may get from the promotion and the rules of the promotion.

On the upcoming promotion, TVC-Mall has prepared points, discounts and gifts for customers. The first 500 newly-registered users during the campaign will get 5 points, and the ones after 500 will get 3 points. 5 points can be cashed into 5 dollars when the user account has no less than 10 points. On the same time, there will be some selected products sold with discounts. The max discount is up to 50% off. Moreover, TVC-Mall has prepared some attractive gifts for the customers. The gifts options are assorted colored bangles, 8/16GB USB flash drive and delicate scarves. What gift you may get depends on how much your order values.

tvc mall staff

How to Test iPhone Touch Screen Digitizer

When you buy a brand new or refurbished iphone replacement touchscreen digitizer, how to know the real condition of the part? You may need a tool to run a thorough test of the touch screen. Here’s a tutorial on how to test iphone LCD digitizer with the help of a tester tool (Item NO.: TOOL-307) from TVC-Mall.

This touch screen digitizer tester tool comes with battery and PCB board has 2 versions respectively for iphone 4/4s and iphone 5. The tester tool is designed with LED indicators to show the conditions of the digitizer and power light, so it’s easy to see the real condition of the touch screen part. The iphone screen tester is bigger than the iphone and smaller than ipad mini, which is portable to carry around. And it’s quite easy to operate. Let’s see the detailed steps.

iphone screen tester

  1. Insert the included battery to power the tester. If the power light on the top left doesn’t turn on, you need to charge the battery first.
  2. Insert the Tester PCB Board into the tester, then link the touch screen digitizer to the PCB board, remember to link tight for better tester.
  3. Power on the LCD display by pressing the S1 button, wait 2-3 seconds still it’s powered.
  4. After it is well-linked and powered, if the digitizer is in good condition, there will be clear picture shows on the screen; if it is in bad condition, there are some strips or dots appeared.
  5. Press S2 button to check the next / pre pictures.
  6. Power off the LCD display and the tester after finishing testing.

If you still fee confused about some steps, you can see the tutorial video below:

How to Prolong the Lifetime of iPhone Charger Cable

As excellent as iphone, its charger cables have been widely criticized, both iphone 4 cables and iphone 5 cables. Some users complained that he used 4 iphone cables in one month, because the iphone charger cable is too easy to break. If you pay a little attention, you may see lots of people complaining about the iphone charger cables online. So let’s see how to prolong the lifetime of the iphone charger cable.

  1. Don’t drag the cable line when using. The original iphone charger cable is not too long. Some users drag it to the extreme so they can use the iphone while charging. But this is not healthy for the cable. It may break the lightning or 30 pin connection part and make the charging unstable. So if you feel the cable a little short, go get a longer one instead. There’re 3M long iphone cables on the internet which cost like only 2 bucks.iphone cable
  2. Don’t pull the cable off too hard by the line when your iphone is fully charged. Since iphone cable is a cheap and obscure little accessory, most users don’t care about it much. Users may buy expensive Lifeproof or Otterbox cases for iphone to protect it, but never think about the cable. Well, cables don’t need extra protection, just be gentle when using it. When you unplug the charger, pull it by the plug connection part instead of the line. The part between the plug and the line is easy to break, so you should pay a little attention here.

If you can afford 2 cables, which I think most people can, I suggest that use different cables for PC charging and wall charger. In that way, you don’t need to plug and unplug the cable frequently, and it may prolong its lifetime. This is just an advice. Anyway, if you can take my above 2 options, I’m sure your iphone cable can last longer than its predecessors.

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